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   To Do's & Meeting Reminders
Time management is available from within Intrabench by the use of To Do lists. Now unlike traditional lists, these lists can be accessed from wherever you are so you know what is a priority. Tasks can be ranked in order of what needs to be done and also a deadline can be set on the tasks which flags up the task as important when you view your lists.  

When you complete a task you can remove it from the list and an email is sent to whoever added the task to your list. In order to add to efficiency, task lists for all staff are public and editable by everyone. This adds to greater cross communication and people can move tasks around depending on their workload.

If you want to hide a task entry you can set it to private which will mean that only you can see that task entry. However in general practice it's not a problem for other people to see what you have to do in a day and by others adding things to your lists you have a central repository to access everything you need to do.

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