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Why Us?

We have taken 3 steps back to see how businesses work and how a CRM system can benefit them. Rather than just clobber together feature upon feature that won't be used we've analysed how different parts of a business interact together from marketing, sales through to accounts. We've then taken each of these business functions and created a way to automate and manage that part of your business to make it easier and far more manageable.

Ease of Use

We take ease of use very seriously and have made a system that is straightforward to use, screens within Intrabench are quick to appear and quick to use. Functionality is grouped together and short cuts make frequent areas easily accessible.

Customer Service

We're here to help and will hold your hand with every step of the way. We don't just provide you a system but we work with you to implement Intrabench into every aspect of your business, freeing up your time and making business simpler. We respond to your feedback and are constantly making changes based on user feedback. Why not pop in for a coffee if you're around our west London office?


Intrabench is packed full of features that amaze even our competitors. Intrabench is a fresh way at looking at CRM and we know what tasks are tedious day to day in a business. The functionality in Intrabench suit all sized businesses from a 1 person sole trader to a mid sized corporate with 500 employees and as you grow you can expand the feature sets you use.

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