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What is Intrabench?

      Intrabench// has been developed within the U.K. Providing a completely comprehensive data management system for companies looking to improve work flow, and reduce administration overhead. The Intrabench// system has been designed from a business management perspective first, with the technical aspects built around this view. A list of all the included features can be viewed by clicking here.


Is your business big enough?

No longer do you need to be a large company to be able to afford a CRM system. With Intrabench// you get a cost effective solution that makes your organisation looks as professional and organised as a larger company.

Intrabench// is an easy to access interface, allowing you and your staff an improved level of efficiency in handling all company information, improving business relationships (i.e. supply chain), and raising customer satisfaction through simple and effective data integration and analysis. Staff management is improved with the inclusion of task lists, allowing you to view, update, and prioritise, alongside time sheets that produce clear, professional reports for any desired purpose.

Full invoicing that saves time when producing quotes, invoices and purchase orders, with summary screens for follow up. Detailed invoices can be emailed, faxed, and printed by single click operation, and if necessary, by mobile phone/device with 3G access with automatic credit control to keep your cash flow looking great.


Functionality vs Usability

The majority of business software packages have been built on functionality, and not on usability, creating an environment that is both difficult to learn, and cumbersome to use. This wastes valuable time and resources, not to mention the cost to business where data is compromised, or worse still, lost.

Designed for quick and easy use, with an in built advanced functionality that's hidden from normal operation. As an example, where we found the most useful function to be a company/contacts search, this was brought to the front upon log in (as opposed to a 'thank you for logging in' screen, which has little use), and so made immediately available to the user.


Speed, Price and Performance

If a customer is calling, and you need instant access to their data (without keeping them hanging on!), you can do this easily with Intrabench//. This may sound simple, because it is, but most competitor packages are not built this way. We have used this ethos throughout the entire system, and we continue to simplify all operations wherever we see fit.

You should view Intrabench// not as a piece of software, but as a way to improve your business relationships. Intrabench allows you to take a concise look at (and improve!) all of your relationships, both internally and externally, setting in place efficient working practices throughout.



Ultimately, Intrabench// makes it more possible than ever before to focus all efforts on your core business activities, leaving the complications of unstable, inefficient, and over complex I.T. solutions out of the equation. Whether a sole trader, or company of 250 personnel, Intrabench// will solve your needs.

Take a look at Intrabench//, your customers will thank you for it!







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