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Intrabench has been designed from the ground up with security in mind. Each user account is protected with a password in order to gain access to the system. Once in the system the user is only allowed to access parts of the system they have been granted to access. What they are allowed to access can be configured yourself depending on your organisations requirements and changed as time progresses.

User lockout:

User accounts can be disabled (absolute), or disabled after a number of unsuccessful log in attempts. The next log in time can be configured, e.g., after an unsuccessful log in, the user can only attempt another log in after 30 minutes. You can also configure where users can log in from. Although Intrabench is designed so that it can be accessed from anywhere, you may want to protect your confidential data so that staff can only access it from your office. At the same time certain users like yourself may have access from anywhere. 

Idle log out time: 

If a user does not use Intrabench for a certain amount of time, Intrabench will automatically log that user out and they will need to re-log in. The time of inactivity can be configured and this will prevent users leaving the system logged in and other unauthorised users accessing it.


Intrabench access can also be encrypted via 128bit SSL thus stopping intermediaries from viewing the data in transit. Also this is especially useful for users who want to encrypt their credit card data when they are buying products or paying for invoices from you via Intrabench.


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