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   Project Management
The project manager allows you to create and manage projects within Intrabench. You can look at an Intrabench project as a group of tasks all linked together, allowing you to prioritise and assign staff a number of tasks that need to be completed at certain times. As tasks are carried out, notes can be left on a task, and with each note added an email update is sent to everyone on the project.

Tasks can be created over the life of the project, priorities updated, reassigned, deleted or updated. Once a task is completed, a completion message can be added for any extra details of the task and a QA phase exists so that completed tasks can be confirmed to have been completed.

Tasks can also be created via email and each project is assigned a unique email address allowing you to email the project to add tasks. A new task email is then sent to all staff who have been assigned to the project so that they can see this new task and act quickly. Any replies to this email will automatically add a note to the task and send a copy to all projects users as well.

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