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   Email Templates with Mail Merge
Templates save you time typing multiple emails out again and again. By creating different types of email templates, when you send emails from within Intrabench you can simply select from a set of templates. Each of these templates will mail merge with the current contact allowing you to personalise the email being sent out.
 Customise templates to suit your company
Email templates can be designed with your company branding, logos, images and tables so that they go out looking good. As well as the templates being used for emails, they can also be used for creating physical letters that you can print out and send in the post saving you time creating the same information in a word processor and automatically logging the letter in the correspondence.
If you're sending bulk emails out, Intrabench will automatically merge the template with every single contact, therefore personalising each and every email that gets sent out. Each personalised email sent out will again be stored under the customers correspondence record so you can see a history of communications.


 How to create email templates within Intrabench


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