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   Call Back Reminders
When you're possibly calling many people at the same time you'll need to know when to call back customers or potential customers. You can create call backs from within Intrabench with notes so when you call customers back you know what was last said. A list of your call backs for the day can be seen in a list as well as an email being sent to you in the morning with a reminder of all your call backs, meetings and reminders for the day.

You can assign call backs for different members of staff and select the date and time when the customer needs to be called again. During the day a popup will remind you at the exact time when you need to call a customer. Call backs can be reassigned in case the customer is not available with a simple click of the button.

If a staff member is not available call backs can be reassigned or will be automatically viewable the day after without having to scroll back each and every day to see what has been missed. A single screen is presented with the days call backs at the top and missed ones from previous days below.

When creating quotes, call back reminders can be assigned and setup at the same time the quote is being sent to the customer. Reminding you to chase quotes allows for a higher conversion of sales leads and feed back on the quote. These can also be assigned to someone who can follow up the quote with the customer in case you have experts who are good at closing.


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