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   Bulk Email
Staying in contact with clients over email is the quickest and most cost effective way to let people know about changes within your organisation as well as news and new product releases. Since each contact in your database can be tagged by many different attributes you can select these on the search screen, and then bulk email the search results.
 Track Recipients Response 
The page will display exactly how many people will get the email as well as how many people were found in the database and how many people opted out of receiving email. You can then type in your subject, email and body before emailing the content to your subset of the database. To speed things up you can use pre-designed templates with your bulk emailing which may contain mail merged fields. It really is that simple and your email is stored within Intrabench along with who actually got the email and which emails bounced. If someone opens the email, this will also be tracked as well as if they have clicked on any links within the email.
Now that you have a list on the screen of all the people who clicked on your link you can then chase up the sales as you know that not only have they opened the email but are interested. Intrabench provides an interface to go through this list, call them and record the outcome or assign a call back to another date or another person.
This allows you to see coverage of your email as well as calculate possible sales rates. Each person will also get an unsubscribe link that they will be able to click on to unsubscribe automatically which means you do not need to manually unsubscribe them. Likewise they will still remain in your database but simply be flagged not to receive any more bulk email. This complies with EU regulation on email broadcasts and at the same time does not remove them from your database. They will simply not get any further broadcast emails from you.

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