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   CRM to Jobs
When you're using a CRM it's pointless having to get business and then use another system to then track the work to carry out the job of fullfilling the order. Intrabench allows you to do all of this from one system and seamlessly link jobs to customers. Once a sale has been created you can create a job linked from the invoice, quote or sales order directly to a task. You can use task templates for items you regularily carry out and assign the task to team members to fulfill the order. Once completed the customer can then be invoiced and the task closed. You can also create tasks linked to customers without an invoice for example if you need to perform work in order to help with closing a sale, such as sending out a sample, or sending them a trial. Intrabench's task management system will control all aspects of dealing with the order from assignment, priorities through to deadlines, time estimation and logging. Notes are sent to all members involved in the task and the customer can get alerts as it progresses through to completion. Automate the way you manage your business and perform key tasks. Intrabench can provide you detailed reports on who is doing what, taking how long, active tasks in queue and tasks approaching or over the deadline.


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