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   Intrabench for Experienced Users

This package is aimed that those that want a bit more than the basic package so that they can really get to grips with a CRM software system that benefits their business. This package has all that the basic package entails and can be upgraded without any loss of data.
The key differences over the free crm package are that you can bulk email your contacts and view statistics based on number opened, clicked through and bounced. You can create email templates so there is no need to type out emails every time or you can create email letter heads with your branding. 
Once you login you will see a dash board which has an overview of the days activities as well as short cuts to some major parts of the system. New subsystems in the system include a task manager where you can assign tasks to indivduals and groups, as well as a calendar with day, month and week views, either single user or groups of users. 
You can also send SMS/Text messages from the system as well as bulk SMS. Email campaigns allow you to setup automatic emails that can go out at predeterminded times as well as powerful invoicing and billing.  You can have multiple users in this package that can be assigned with different access features and restrictions and be placed in seperate groups. 
Accepting payment for invoices can be via either Paypal or Google and clients can login to your system to pay for invoices.

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Todo Lists


User Management

Email Templates

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Email Campaigns

Bulk Email Statistics



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