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You can have a 1 user licenses with all the features + monthly backup (Free) for as little as £15 per month , nowhere will you find such an extensive package at such a low price which is also easy to use. Click Here For Info Pack


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1 User license £15 pcm
2 User license £25 pcm
3 User license £35 pcm
4 User license £45 pcm
5 User license £50 pcm
Setup cost (one off cost - NOT per user)


Optional Extras
Cost per sms 10p
SSL encryption (https) * £10 pcm
Phone support * £25 pcm
Backup weekly ** £20 pcm
Backup daily (recommended) ** £30 pcm
Backup per second** £50 pcm
Additional cost per 100mb £5 pcm
Additional cost per bulk email 1p
On-site training (half day) £250

All prices exclusive of VAT pcm = Per Calendar Month tickbox = Included
* Price per 5 system users

** The backup options are only needed if you yourself need to go back to a previous date with your data. Our systems keep a live copy of the system on multiple machines. So in the event your server goes down, a backup server with your up to date data automatically kicks into action so you're always running.

Bulks emails do not include emails sent to individuals which are free, and the initial limit is to stop spammers using the service.

The range of Intrabench// features is expanding. The developers respond to user feedback, so useful new modules and plug-ins become available on a regular basis. Recent options added included an integrated stock-control and online shop facility.

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