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Delivery Comparison

Hosted vs On-Site


Hosted solutions are now the norm with most people hosting their website, email and phone systems off site. The main advantage is a huge saving of cost and reliability. An onsite solution would need 2 machines with constant backup carried out between the two and off site backups carried out in case of a fire, theft or vandalism. With Intrabench you don't need to worry about these things which will just cost you time and money. Customers receive all the benefits of hosted applications with the added flexibility of access anywhere you have internet connection and a browser.

    • No hidden fees
    • No hidden costs
    • More Flexible
    • Safe and Secure

The lower total cost of ownership (TCO) has been one of the key drivers for the growth of hosted solutions. The cost of on-site solutions mount up quickly with hardware and maintenance cost rising quickly. On-site solutions require dedicated staff to manage it and is more difficult to keep up to date.

  Intrabench Hosted On-site Solution
Installation Available to use within minutes May take weeks or even months to get up and running
Security Stored in Level 3 hosting suite
  • Onsite CCTV security (24/7/365 monitoring)
  • Access via key card, PIN and biometric scan
plus  more...
  • Advanced fire suppression and water detection systems
  • UPS and local power generators
  • Multiple redundant Internet connections
  • The server is situated behind a hardware firewall with load balancing.

Stored in office, prone to risk of data loss from accidents, hackers, viruses & theft as well failure due to lack of quality maintenance and timely upgrades.

Power failure leads to loss of connectivity to crucial data.

Integration Synchronise with Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail and other email clients. Integration with Outlook with some systems
Support Email & phone support alongside help manuals, guides and tutorials. Likely to require specialist staff and training bespoke system and not have manuals or guides
Customisable Change Intrabench to suit your needs and access levels to restrict use. Upgrades added regularly. Customisable with added cost, takes a long time to implement.
Accessibility Can be used wherever there is an internet connection and browser is available Can be used only on computers with application installed.
Data Mobility Import & Export your data, download at a click of button  
Contract        Parameters Annual commitment Only 1 user minimum contract Pay outright then added maintenance cost
Life of Product Being hosted means updates and fixes are added free of charge with new features Shelf life limited becoming out of date, new versions require purchase.
Cost Per User

FREE or from £58*Buy Now

Lowest seen £ 250
Total Cost of  Ownership £180** per year for 1 user Thousands and for larger companies hundreds of thousands

*  per calendar month **plus setup cost and vat


Having a hosted solutions means you benefit from accessibility of being online thus allowing for updates, fixes or new features to be quickly added into your package. With Intrabench // new features are included meaning you benefit from any advancement we make without any additional cost or hassle involved. If this was a onsite solution you would be expected to pay for incremental updates and versions as well as the time needed to install these not taking into account any downtime you might get. 

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