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The project manager allows you to create
and manage projects within Intrabench.

  • Custom Templates
  • Custom Fields and Questions
  • Checkbox,Drop down, Multiple
  • Radio, File upload, Signature
  • Counter, Text Box Date, Description
  • Hidden, Yes/No, Date Range
  • Response Email
  • New Form Notification
  • Statistics
  • Survey Edit
  • Survey Restrictions
  • Staff Only Surveys
  • Login Access to Survey
  • Multi Page Surveys
  • Advanced Form Search
  • Mail Merge
  • Bulk Email/SMS
  • Survey Submissions Linked to Campaign
  • Surveys Linked to CRM
  • Powerful Configuration
For example you could assign to a project and when a customer emails this address an automated email is sent back to the customer to acknowledge receipt of the new task. A copy of this message is also sent to all project users and they can then respond to the customer by simply replying to the email.
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