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   Timesheets & Billing
Each and every task normally carried out by staff should be logged so that an audit can be carried out to find where time is being spent or wasted as well as which clients are taking certain resources and whether they are economically viable. Only by all staff keeping track of times spent for each client can you do this. Time sheets also allow you to track hours spent working by staff so if they are on an hourly rate they can be paid accordingly. Reports can be printed out at the end of each month for the staff, as well as for clients.
At the end of the month an invoice can be created automatically detailing the hours spent and the cost for each item. This is created as each time sheet entry inputted can be linked to a product code which in turn links to a price. 

As with all products within Intrabench these can further be linked to discount structures should you need it detailing discounts per customer for different items.

Each report is a PDF document that is instantly produced when you request it and can be sent to the client with a related invoice for the work carried out.The management can also update and edit timesheets as well as search for related work and job codes. For example you may be working for a client on many different projects and it's essential to distinguish time spent on each project.

If however someone forgets to enter their timesheets at the end of each day as is often the case, a monitoring program that runs nightly will email them as well as the manager to say that the timesheet was not entered. This will prompt them and their manager to remind them to enter their times for the specified dates.
For example a simple organisation will simply want to log hours spent on a task and photo copies made. All of these are billable, however photocopies are billed per sheet and not for how long.  In this scenario you can setup a timesheet entry which relates to the price per sheet and staff can enter either hours of pages detail exactly what they are entering.
As with all of this, if work is carried out for various organisations but billed to a single company, this can also be accomplished. Whereby time spent on tasks is tracked and then an invoice for time spent on a set of companies is billed to a single company. In effect the Intrabench timesheet system can be viewed as a flexible, configurable and easy to use micro billing system.
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