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   Product & Pricing Catalogue
Intrabench allows you to store your entire product catalogue within the system. This allows you to query, search and update your pricing, stock and products you sell in a single place. Products can be physical items you stock, virtual items such as video, audio and documents or they could also be services. Your product catalogue can be imported by CVS and exported via CSV making updates via a speadsheet easy and quick. Products can also contain custom fields, images and descriptions.

The main advantage of having your catalogue within Intrabench is that is speeds up creating quotes, where you only need to select the product code, and the price, description and VAT are brought into the quote. Once brought in, any changes can be made before the item is saved to the quote. With Intrabench quotes can be made in seconds thus freeing your time up for other things.

Your product catalogue can also be viewable on the web, allowing customers to browse through this and then place orders on the phone.



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