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   Payment Reminders
If customers always paid on time life would be so much simpler, however unless you're using the direct debit module of Intrabench generally customers need reminding about payments due. Intrabench allows you to set up automatic reminders that can go out to customers when the invoice is due or over due. So you could send out a reminder 7 days before, 7 days after, 19 days after, 6 weeks  or 3 months. You can set up multiple reminder campaigns so that each invoice will get a different set of reminders depending on the products you are selling.

These reminders go out automatically each day depending on the due date of the invoice and requires no action from yourself. All reminders are CCd to your accounts person and replies to the emails come back to them.

Just using a system like this can increase the speed of invoice payments by 35%. When cash flow is important in your business this module alone can make it worthwhile choosing Intrabench.

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