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   Opportunity Management
Opportunities within Intrabench are a way of tracking potential sales. When you speak to customers and your sales cycle is a long process, maybe weeks or months you'll want to make sure you aren't loosing these opportunities. More over you'll want to make sure you know what stage of the process you are with the opportunity. As you'll know, an opportunity may change over time, a potential customer may initially want one thing and then progress to something completely different. In Intrabench an opportunity is linked to a customer and a customer may have one or more opportunities open at the same time each with different quotes linked to an opportunity.

An opportunity can have custom fields attached to it, so for example you may want to list products they are interested in, or maybe the quality of the opportunity. Along with all of this you can specify how likely the opportunity is to being closed, how much the value is and when this is likely to happen. This is the main element in allowing you to forecast projected sales in the future along with estimated start, end and delivery dates. If this isn't enough, Intrabench allows you the flexibility to add your own.

You can link quotes to opportunities and the quotes can change over the lifetime of the opportunity. Once it is completed you can mark it as completed and create an invoice or sales order. If an opportunity has been lost or closed, you can also mark it in this way. You can also view statistics for all sales staff and opportunities that have been created as a monthly report to see how sales people are performing.

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