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   Paypal, Sage Pay & Merchant Account Integration
Intrabench isn't just a CRM system and allows you to deal with complex billing processes within your organisation if you need to. If you want to simply invoice and deal with accounts you can as well. Getting payments from customers is what Intrabench does well and it includes ways to take credit card payments from customers. If your organisation does not have a merchant account with a bank you can use either a Google checkout or Pay Pal account to take payments via Intrabench. Once a payment is received, your invoice for the customer is automatically updated and marking the date the invoice was paid.

If your organisation has been around for more than 2 years you may be able to obtain your own merchant account with which you can use to take payments direct into your bank account. Customers are not directed to 3rd party websites but instead the payments are taken directly on your Intrabench site thus reducing the number of clicks needed to complete a transaction. You can also use this method to take payments on the phone as if you were using a credit card terminal. Instant verification is provided on the screen to say whether a payment was successful or not.

Using this method also allows you to deal with repeat billing and invoicing with the system automatically issuing invoices each month or quarter and then credit cards being charged for the invoice without manual intervention from either the customer or yourself.

Customers can also log in to your Intrabench system and see a limited view of invoices that are outstanding and make payments to take their account up to date.

Organisations that wish to further automate billing, can use Intrabench's direct debit billing module which allows paper based and paperless direct debit mandates to be completed and then payments taken via direct debit from Intrabench. Using this method you are able to automate and increase the reliability of taking payments direct from customers bank accounts. CRM direct debit billing is very useful if you are dealing with 100s of payments each and every month.

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