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   Lead management

Tracking leads is that the CRM software Intrabench does best.

As you go about your daily business you'll want to know what causes what you have in your system, what products that interest, etc.. Intrabench allows you to do this in a number of ways. If you have sales say "only" by customer (a product by product, or a range by range) you can create a custom field to track the status at each stage, you can update status, search on your clients and see the statistics as they change from month to month or day by day. A simple report is created based on the custom field you created and can track changes over time and staff.

However, if you have multiple sales per customer, you can use the system management opportunities and track sales multiple. See the section on management opportunities for more details about it.

Applications may enter the system through a number of roads, they can be entered manually, imported via a CSV file in the system, which came from your website via a form created by you even using the form handler Intrabench or shop online. Applications can then be viewed using the call interface quickly and easily, to add notes, correspondence and update the status of it.

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