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   Integrated Website with Templates
Intrabench contains a simple to use content management system. It allows you to create web pages as easy as creating a Microsoft Word document. You first need to create a template which can be seen as similar to a letter head for your company. It's the design, graphics and menu of your site without any content.

You can use one of the preset templates to get your site up and running quickly, you can create your own or as most people do, import your existing website template into Intrabench. This can be done by yourself or by one of our support team.

You can create multiple templates within Intrabench so that you can have a different design for different pages or multiple designs for a single page, you decide. Using the content manager you can create pages with content easily with an web based editor allowing you the power to create tables, add images, video, links, forms and other dynamic content quickly and easily. Now within minutes you have the power to edit and create content without needing intervention from a web designer.

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