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   Upload Documents, Files & Other Media
Keeping files on office machines, home PCs or laptops isn't efficient. Intrabench allows you to store your important business files in a central area accessible by all members of staff. You can upload and download files to Intrabench using a very simple web page, no need to have FTP usernames or password or extra software. Files can be of any format, from word, PDF, images, video or backups and are accessible from any machine connected to the internet once you log in to Intrabench. Each staff member gets a personal file area where they can store files relating to just themselves. There is also a company file area, which acts as the company file store and can contain terms and conditions, letterheads, procedure documents, images and logos or anything else you can think off.

This central store acts as the first place to go for important documents. Once they are stored on Intrabench they are in a secure data centre environment and not susceptible to fires in your office, or burglaries. You can create directories to group your files and set permissions on who can and can't access your files from within Intrabench. Files can also be completely public so that a useful sales document can be uploaded for anyone on the web to see. Once uploaded Intrabench gives you a unique URL for that file and this can be emailed or used on your website.

Also to make things easier, when sending emails from Intrabench you can select from this file store to attach files from your central store. That means you don't need to hunt on your PC where that important terms and conditions file is.


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