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   Automated Email Responders
Intrabench contains a few ways to automate the sending of emails to customers or potential customers. You can create a form within Intrabench using the Intrabench form builder where someone filling in the form receives an email on completing the form. The other way is creating an email campaign which is a set of emails that go to the customer at preset intervals.

Once a customer is assigned to this campaign either by you doing it manually or by them getting automatically added when they fill in your form, they will receive email automatically from the system at set durations. These durations are relative to when they were added to the campaign, so you could schedule an email to go out 1 day, 7 days, 4 weeks and 2 months after they have been added. Each email can be different and can contain HTML, links, images and personalisation using mail merge.

Any responses to these emails will come back directly to you or your allocated person.
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