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   Direct debit
Intrabench CRM contains the facility to take payments via direct debit. This means you can speed up and increase the reliability of payments. Intrabench's direct debit facility allows you to run the billing, invoicing and payment collection all from one system that connects seamlessly with a direct debit bureau. You need not worry about complex regulations regarding direct debit as Intrabench handles this for you. Paperless direct debit is provided by allowing you to collect direct debit details from inside intrabench, either entering the details for customers on the phone or by allowing them to login to your crm system and enter the details themselves.

Intrabench will create AUDDIS and collection files for you based on the invoices created from within the CRM system. Once payment has been collected the CRM will update invoices to be paid or rejected based on the feedback. The interface for direct debits allows a complete novice to now use direct debit payments for collection and works if you have a dedicated OIN or you are using a bureau service. If you don't have a bureau service we can arrange one for you or help you obtain one so that you can collect payments.

Using both the Intrabench's CRM credit/debit card payment system and direct debit you can easily collect payments from customers. This particularily helps people who are collecting regular payments each month and need a way to automate this.


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