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   Credit Limits & Discount Groups
Whilst you're creating invoices and quotes for customers you may want to keep track of how much your liability to a client is and prevent these from exceeding. Intrabench allows you to set limits of spending on a per client basis and set up a credit limit template. If a customer has an amount outstanding on their account greater than their credit limit set, an invoice or sales order cannot be raised. Invoice locks can however be overridden by certain Intrabench system users, but general sales staff will be prevented from proceeding with the order.

In the same vain, you may want certain customers to have discounts on some of your products, Intrabench allows you to set up discount groups and plans. Each product in your catalogue is allocated to a discount group, e.g. high margin, medium margin or low margin (the name and number of groups you can customise). You then create discount plans which map the discount groups to a percentage discount, therefore giving your high margin products a discount of 20% for customers on the gold plan, but only 10% for
customers on a silver plan.

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