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   Click to Call
Intrabench has implemented various ways to you can use click to call. Save time dialling numbers or entering the wrong numbers on your phone by simply clicking on the number in the CRM system and watching it dial from your phone. The system can auto log when a call hasn't been answered and also log the actual phone conversation and link it to a customer record. Tracks the number of calls being made each day by each staff member and showing a report based on the number of calls. Furthermore the call can be transcribed automatically and the text of the call logged. Aids searching through large amounts of phone calls and makes auditing quicker. To do this you can simply click on a phone number within Intrabench CRM and it will automatically dial the number from your phone. This can be implemented in two major ways, first by using Snety's cloud call system which seamlessley works with any handset, mobile, BT or other phone or you can integrate by using a simple plugin for your web browser.


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