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   Campaign Management
An email campaign allows you to automate sending emails to an individual, as opposed to bulk mails which are all sent at the same time. This allows you to automate your sales process so instead of sending chasing up emails to your customers, Intrabench can do this for you automatically.
 Virtual Sales Team
If you need to send an email to a potential customer 1 day after you have sent them a quote and then 7 days after to chase them up to see if they have made a decision. Then you could send a final email 21 days later offering them a 10% discount. In this way you have now automated a large part of your sales process. Now if you have 100 or a 1000 potential leads, it would be a full time job just to do this. As all emails are from yourself, if they reply, the reply will come back to you.  
In a campaign you can set the interval that the emails will be sent and assign people to the campaign. Intervals can be in days, weeks or months and you can set the content of each email. The duration is either from when they joined the campaign or the time from the last email.
Another example of a campaign is the first email you send may introduce them to the product and then a week later the email could ask them if they considered looking at the product and point them to an interesting feature on the product. Two weeks later another email could be sent giving them a reduction on the price by 10% if they sign up by the end of the month and so on.

Intrabench includes campaign management as standard and gives you a virtual sales team.


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