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Integrating CRM software into your business

Like many small or medium sized businesses using a CRM isn't the first thing you think about when setting up. You may have come a long way without a CRM system and suddenly realise that you'd be much better off with one. I spoke to a chap today on the phone who had a small business and was already using Sage Line 50 as well as Access. His problem was that he didn't want a 3rd system to deal with but rather 1 system to rule them all. However moving away from something you've used in a long time isn't an easy feat.

You need to have faith in the system you're moving to and that can take time. Usually by walking through your existing business process with the new system and comparing the two can reinforce this. This can be quite a quick process depending on the complexity of how you work but can also explain in detail how your current process can be optimised with a CRM software package in your business. I remember one company that had a real struggle remembering to follow up quotes and tried to use Outlook to remember but many times they'd forget and they wouldn't follow up. By integrating Intrabench they were able to automatically follow up quotes which increased their conversion rates.
In terms of Introducing accounts you can also move away from your accounts package for day to day tasks and simply use it for the bare accounting until you are comfortable to move away from it completely. You could also just use a specific part of the CRM software for a specific task and gradually expand what you use the CRM for once everyone is comfortable with it.
All in all there are many ways, some easier than others and give you a route in to simplifying your business and increasing your sales. Implementing a CRM software package can be an easy task if you have commitment and take it a step at a time rather than uprooting your current processes completely. Start by solely using the contact manager and then expand at your own pace by integrating the accounts, customer support and any other parts of your business as and when you are comfortable. Off course we'll be there to help and advise!

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