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Automating the sales process with crm software

Although CRM software is something used by your staff to help with their sales process, it's also possible to use CRM software to automate a large part of their sales process, assuming it's not heavily reliant on meetings and lengthy phone calls. I'll go through how this can be achieved in this CRM article and show you the effectiveness.


With the internet being used now as part of attracting new customers, it's quite often the fact that new leads come in via your website be that via a contact form or a customer calling directly. Using Intrabench CRM software, you can create web forms directly within the package, this allowing leads that are generated from your website to go straight in to your CRM package and removing the need for double entry. Forms can be created with a number of options, drop downs or questions, but it's always best not to have too many questions people need to fill in just to contact you. 

You could change your freely downloadable brochure to a form that needs to be filled in before it is downloaded, therefore capturing the details of the customer filling in the CRM form. Instantly the form will go into your Intrabench CRM form and an email will go out to the customer with a download link for the brochure/price list or once they complete the form you could simply redirect the thank you page to a downloadable link so they don't need to wait. 

Once the lead is in the CRM software you will get an alert in your email and automatically you can assign that person to a sales campaign. A CRM sales campaign is a way to automate your sales process at this point. You can configure this campaign to send out automated emails to them at your own specified intervals, for example 2 days afterwards, 1 week and 2 weeks after they have downloaded your brochure or price list. A campaign can also add a call back reminder to your list so that you call and introduce yourself the following day, and can also include a facility to send them an automated SMS. 

The power also comes in the fact that you can also automate a postal facility to that 3 days later an envelope drops in their post with your contact information and product literature all without you having to get involved manually at any point. You can set the campaign to email them automatically weeks after they have downloaded your brochure to keep your company and brand name in their head, so that when it does come to buying they will think of you first. It's estimated that staying in contact with your potential customers can yield between an extra 28% to as much as 70% of business.This is something most business do not do. To see an example head over to


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