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Getting Started


Quick Guide To Intrabench //

Thank you for selecting Intrabench // integrated business CRM. Here's a quick overview of what you need to do next and pointers to other resources.


Intrabench // comes complete with tutorials to guide you through the most demanding features of the system. A friendly voice will talk you through step-by-step how to utilise various features. Movies will open in a new window and you will require the quicktime plug-in to work.

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Frequently asked question are provided on the website to help with any concerns or questions which you may have. If you have a problem the soulution is likely to be within this section is it has been asked before. Click on the relevant question and the anwser will pop down, click again to hide the text.

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Help center has been developed to help those who are using the system already with any problems that may arise. Help centre is constantly updated with information about various features within the system. All a user need do is search a word or phrase and select a relevant topic from the results.

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