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Getting Started


Quick Guide To Intrabench //

Thank you for selecting Intrabench // integrated business CRM. Here's a quick overview of what you need to do next and pointers to other resources.


To create a form within Intrabench, first navigate to: Applications > forms > add.

Fill in details presented. The form name is for your reference, RSVP is when the form closes. Next select a template, this will determine the look of the form. (Adding a template is on the next page). You can also set who can see the form and whether to assign then to any campaigns you have.

Click 'save' and the next page will have the page settings. By pressing 'edit' the description will appear on the form as is. You may add HTML, images/screenshots/normal and media using the options provided. If you press the 'form fields' button you can change all the questions and fields on the form.


If you do not want a field to appear on the form select from the drop-down menu 'not required'. Now select the 'add field' button located in the bottom left-hand side of the window. This will cause a new page to appear displaying options to create a new field. Change the type to the most relevant, name and save your new field. A guide is located to the right which indicates what each type should be used for.
Follow this procedure until you have all your desired fields and then click the 'save & add another' or 'save & finish'. You can add as many questions as you need.


Click the 'view page'to see what your from looks like. The following is an en example of forms you can create using Intrabench //

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