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Features Breakdown

Intrabench// comprises many features and sections, all of which are inter-linked. It's not necessary when starting to use Intrabench// to use all features at once. It's possible to use only a subsection of the software and then grow to use more components. Below is a list of modules currently available in the basic package.

By clicking on each, you can see indepth what they actually achieve. Each set of functions are available to different user levels, and each system user can be allowed to access only a subset of features available. You can configure an access levels for Intrabench//, and set which features they have access to and which they don't.


plus Campaign Management
plus Bulk Emailing
plus Company & Contact Management
plus Invoicing
plus Event Booking and Management
plus Online shop
plus Survey and Market Research
plus To Do Lists
plus Timesheets
plus Customisation
plus SMS Messaging
plus Accounts
plus File Management
plus Calender
plus Knowledge

And it doesn't stop there! We are currently developing new features all the time which become available instantly in the current package. We can also add any new functions you require (subject to pricing) to the system, depending on the nature and can sometimes be added within 24 hours. Click Here For Info Pack


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