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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Intrabench?
2. When was Intrabench Developed
3. How can Intrabench help my business ?
4. Can we cancel the service if we change our mind?
5. Can I transfer all my contact into Intrabench ?
6. Can I upload documents into Intrabench?
7. Is Intrabench suitable for my business ?
8. Is the Intrabench demo the same as the real one ?
9. Is it possible to use only the Intrabench feature related to my business (e.g. I don't need the on-line shop)?
10. Can I Customise Intrabench according to my requirements?
11. How do I add more users to my account?


12. Is small business CRM expensive?
13. How to use small business CRM applications?
14. How can CRM software help my small business?
15. What is the dedicated support staff requirement?
16. Who takes care of the CRM maintenance?
17. Are the applications secure?
18. What are the other benefits of using small business CRM?
19. Will I be able to customise small business CRM application to my business needs?
20. What is Intrabench automation?
21. How can I cancel the subscription?
22. What are the CRM benefits?


23. I have forgotten my Intrabench user name and password!
24. Reporting A Fault

Payment options

25. How much does it cost to have Intrabench?
26. What is the payment policy for Intrabench ?
27. Are there any hidden costs?

Products and Deployment options

28. How many users can use Intrabench ?
29. How long will it take to set up Intrabench?
30. How do I Register for Intrabench ?
31. Why do I need a minimum of 5 user licences for Intrabench?
32. Do I need to be connected to Internet to use Intrabench ?
33. Can I use Intrabench from anywhere in the world?


34. Who do I contact for more information about Intrabench ?
35. How do I access Intrabench Applications?
36. Does you offer a free trial?
37. What type of training programmes are available for Intrabench?
38. Will I get technical support or help?
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